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Welcome to the Cape Coral Hurricanes Men’s Soccer Tryouts for the 2015 Season:


The Cape Coral Hurricanes have announced our 2015 Tryout dates.  We will be featuring TWO separate sets of tryouts in each of three cities.

        Cape Coral, FL        N       Naples, FL

Official 4th Division Champions Soccer League (CSL) Team: 

Below is the information for our tryouts for our 2015 Champions Soccer League team.  The Tryouts will start in late February of 2015.  There will be TWO separate tryouts for the 2015 team.  One in Cape Coral, one in Fort Myers and one in Naples.  The dates and locations are:

Tryout #1:

Cape Coral, FL - Saturday, February 28th & Sunday, March 1st, 2015

Held at Cape Coral Sports Complex at Trafalgar Fields, Cape Coral


Tryout #3:

Naples, FL - Saturday, March 21st & Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Held at Ave Maria University at the Ave Maria city park (near water park)


* The Fort Myers tryouts for the 7th & 8th have been CANCELLED.  We've moved those players signed up for that tryouts to the Ave Maria weekend.

Tryout Times: The tryout times will be the same each weekend.  They will begin on Saturday from 10am to 2pm and on Sunday from 10am to 1pm.  They will start promptly at 10am both days, please arrive well early enough to get ready, dressed and warmed up as we will begin promptly at 10am. 

Tryout Fees:

Tryout fees for all NEW applicants are:  $125 (USD) for one tryout weekend.

For those players that tried out with us in 2013 or 2014, we are discounting your 2015 tryout fee to ONLY $95

For those players that were ROSTERED on our 2014 NPSL Team AND you fully paid your 2014 Tryout & Player Sponsorship Fees, your tryout fee is being discounted to ONLY $50. Just wear your blue/black training kit from last year.

The fee covers your entry into ONE tryout weekend and includes: training for two days, field use, training jersey, shorts & various drinks/snacks.

It is the player's responsibility to get to the training fields and for any/all travel and overnight arrangements.  We are working on getting various discounts with some hotels but being our heavy "tourist" season here in SW Florida, it's rather difficult to do.  Should we get any discounts, we will post them here for review.

Players MUST completely fill out the 2015 Tryout Application, Medical Waiver and pay the required fee IN FULL to be registered for the tryout.  Players will not be allowed onto the training field without each of these items being completed. See below for the form downloads and more information.

Here in Cape Coral, we've used the Hampton Inn & Suites in the past and they were very nice.  We have not secured our hotel partner for this season yet.


Should you have any questions in the meantime, please contact:

J.P. Terrasi - President & General Manager at (239) 677-8752 or email at .  Thank you.


The official Champions League tryouts will be similar to last year.  Below is the flyer for the 2015 tryouts to give you an idea of what to expect with dates coming soon!

2015 Tryout Flyer

(Click on the image below to download the full-sized PDF FLYER only)



2015 Tryout Letter

(Click on the image below to download the full-sized PDF LETTER only)


Tryouts will resume for the Cape Coral Hurricanes 2015 Champions League - 4th Division of U.S. Soccer men's soccer team as indicated above.

Details:  Participants will be paced through numerous strenuous training sessions, small-sided and full-field games by well experienced professionals headed by experienced coaching staff and trainers.

Each entry will receive: TWO excellent and rigorous days of training & tryouts, a team training jersey with logo & number, shorts, light lunch and various snacks/drinks throughout the day. The data collected on each combine participant will be paired with that individual's completed soccer resume and written application from the tryout forms.  This will provide staff with the most comprehensive and credible tools to assess the player’s soccer talents. Player reports are then compiled for final decisions. After the final tryout weekend (which there will be at least THREE separate tryout weekends - one in Cape Coral, one in Fort Myers and one in Naples), we will narrow down the applicants to the 26 man official roster and every player selected at that point will be given a Personal Player Agreement and then personally interviewed by coaches and staff.  At that meeting the agreement must be agreed to and signed.

Please note:  All players that are selected for the official 2015 team will be personally interviewed by coaching and front office staff, they will be required to agree to and sign a Personal Player Agreement and fulfill all team requirements outlined in the Personal Player Agreement.  These duties are numerous including not only training days/nights but game days/weekends and various community events and fundraisers.

Each player will be required to get TWO Personal Player Sponsors as well.  Full details will be included in the Personal Players Agreement. Please contact J.P. for more details.

Please contact us with any questions.

J.P. Terrasi - President & General Manager -  (239) 677-8752

You can download the FULL Cape Coral Hurricanes tryout flyer, application and waiver form HERE.  This pdf file consists of the welcome letter, pricing information and the Personal Information Data Sheet.  Once filled out, the form can be faxed to us at:  (239) 236-1765  or emailed to us at: or can be mailed to us at the address shown on the form. 

After the form is received and the player is registered they will be emailed/mailed the Team Medical Information & Liability Waiver Form.  The Team Medical Information & Liability Waiver Form must also be completely filled out and signed before the player is allowed to participate in the tryouts.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to email us at:  Be sure to apply early to take advantage of the early registration discounts.


2015 Cape Coral Hurricanes Tryout Application

(Click on the image below to download the full-sized PDF APPLICATION only)


2015 Cape Coral Hurricanes Medical Waiver

(Click on the image below to download the full-sized PDF APPLICATION only)



$125 for NEW players.  $95 for players that paid for tryouts during either of the 2013 or 2014 Seasons

Checks can be written to:  Terrasi Media (who will be processing our payments for tryouts for us)

If you would like to put the tryout fee onto your credit card, please download the

Credit Card Authorization Form - HERE


We encouraged EVERYONE to tryout for the Official 4th Division team but if you are accepted to the official squad, we will need to register you with the USASA and the USSF.  This will require a registration fee and additional forms to be completed, including additional ones if you are not a U.S. Resident.


Aside from the privilege and honor of playing in the 4th Division of U.S. Soccer in the Florida Champions Soccer League and a team member of the esteemed Cape Coral Hurricanes organization, all players that are accepted to the official  squad will receive:

Two full player kits, 2-4 days of training per week, scrimmage, exhibition, league or Cup games every single weekend from the end of March through mid August.  All top notch training, coaching staff, equipment and supplies will be provided by the organization. 

All customary expenses for team travel - including overnight stays, meals and transportation will be provided by the organization.  Overnight stays will be secured in a Three Star hotel or better and at most four to a room accommodations.  Any personal or travel incidentals or any additional or special lodging expenses will be covered by the player.  All official team meetings and official team meals will be covered by the organization.  League fees, player registration fees, player secondary insurance and all game expenses will be covered by the organization.


Furthermore, if you are accepted to the official squad, you will be required to attend various team meetings, functions and community events.  You will be required to assist with team fundraising efforts.  You will be required to attend a private meeting with one or more of the front office staff and then read through, understand and sign a Personal Player Agreement.  You will be required to help positively promote the team and the organization through word of mouth, social media or otherwise. 

Then finally, PLEASE NOTE BELOW, each and every player WILL BE REQUIRED to secure at least one (1) Player Sponsorship as well as remit a cash deposit that will both be due PRIOR to our first Pre-season game.  NO acceptations!  If the requirements are NOT met, the player will NOT play until they are met.  The deposit will be returned in the form of a team merchandise gift certificate and the player may keep one of their full kits and provide their Player Sponsor with the other full kit once ALL the requirements are met in the Personal Player Agreement.



PLAYER SPONSORSHIP:  Each NPSL team member will be required to secure at least TWO (2) Player Sponsorship at the cost of $125 each.  The Player Sponsor will receive advertising on the team website and team program next to the players name.  As indicated above, at the end of the season, the Player Sponsor will also receive one of the two full, game-worn, kits provided to the player.

DEPOSIT:  If the player DOES NOT obtain his two Player Sponsorships, they will be required to remit a deposit in the amount of $250 to the team prior to the first Pre-Season Exhibition game played until their sponsors are secured.  The deposit will be used for player registrations, additional player insurance and player kits.  The deposit will be returned to the player in the form of a team merchandise gift certificate at the end of the season ONLY if ALL of the requirements are made by the player as explained in the written Personal Player Agreement (that is signed by the player during the post tryout meeting).  A player may choose to secure TWO other Player Sponsors in lieu of paying the deposit in cash.  These two additional Player Sponsors will get the advertising and mentions in the website and program but NOT the additional player worn kit.


Traveling / Tournament TEAM

For those that did not make that first 26 man roster, we'll are considering fielding a Cape Coral Hurricanes Traveling / Tournament Team.  This team could play in a BRAND NEW local premier men's league that will be ran through the Gulf Coast Adult Soccer League and affiliated with the FSSA (Florida State Soccer Association) and the USASA (United States Adult Soccer Association).  The U23 team has also been invited to play in a brand new US CLUB SOCCER Florida league with other top U23 teams from other major Florida markets.  The team will also play in the Florida State Cup, Region Cup and hopefully make a run at the U.S. Open Cup!  As well as the U.S. Amateur Cup!  Should we get a large amount of interest from younger players, we also may field a U20 team as well. 

So, pursue that passion and tryout for the team!


To learn more about the Cape Coral Hurricanes Traveling / Tournament Team - Click HERE


Cape Coral Hurricanes Soccer

J.P. Terrasi - President & General Manager



Cape Coral Hurricanes Soccer

J.P. Terrasi

President & General Manager


Cape Coral Hurricanes Soccer


Head Coach



Mailing Address:

Cape Coral Hurricanes

P.O. Box 150968

Cape Coral, FL 33915

Home Office Address:

Coming Soon

Cape Coral, FL. 33904


You can download the FULL PDF package of the Tryout flyer, letter, application & medical release:



You can download just the Medical & Liability Release form:



If you are an International Player OR if you have lived and/or played in another country outside of the United States in the past FIVE years, you will need to fill out the US Soccer FR-11 & International Clearance Forms:

International Clearance Form - HERE

First Registration Form - HERE


Please let us know if you have any questions with the application forms.  Below are forms in Spanish.



En Español:


Puede descargar la carta de dos páginas y aplicación:



Formulario De Información Médica:



You can download the 2013 Cape Coral Hurricanes Player Agreement  in PDF form:






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